“The burial of the dead has always been recognized by the Catholic Church as a religious rite and a corporal work of mercy. Catholic cemeteries exist because of our belief in the resurrection of the body. They are places which bring together a number of elements of the Church’s pastoral mission: the proclamation of the gospel to arouse faith, examination of the reasons for belief, celebration of the Eucharist, integration of the Church community, evangelization and apostolic witness.” Per Catholic Diocese of Lansing, Office of Pastoral Planning

St. Agnes Catholic Parish Cares for Two (2) Cemeteries


  • Mt Olivet Catholic Cemetery
    4415 N. Cemetery Road, Fowlerville, MI
    located just east of Fowlerville off Grand River
  • Eisele Catholic Cemetery
    2500 Bull Run Road, Fowlerville, MI
    located seven miles south of Fowlerville

All written correspondence should be mailed to:

St Agnes Rectory
855 E. Grand River,
Fowlerville, MI 48836

Cemetery Lot Prices:

Full Body Grave (Plot)

    • $800.00 per lot – Registered Parish member; Spouse is included as registered parish member when two lots are purchased by member
    • $1600.00 per lot – Family members who are not parish members Includes parents, in-laws, siblings and spouse, children and spouse
    • $2500.00 per lot – all others

Cremains Grave (Plot)

    • $400.00 per lot – Registered Parish member; Spouse is included as registered parish member when two lots are purchased by member
    • $800.00 per lot – Family members who are not parish members Includes parents, in-laws, siblings and spouse, children and spouse
    • $2500.00 per lot – all others
  • NOTE: Lot price includes lot only. Other costs (such as footing, monument setting, etc.) should be discussed with your funeral planner.
  • FOOTINGS: The coordination of all footings are through Herrmann Funeral Home. They work with Genesee Valley Vault Company. Current pricing questions may be directed to Herrmann Funeral Home at 517-223-8656.

Contact Information:

Sextons of Mount Olivet Cemetery – Larry Sheridan and Bob Kuch (please contact them via the Parish Office)
Sexton of Eisele Cemetery – Gerry Munsell (517) 223-9902
Parish Office – (517) 223-8684

Cemetery Columbaria Proposal

Cemeteries of St Agnes: Mount Olivet Cemetery and Eisele Catholic Cemetery Rules
(Slightly Revised 4/2022)
Click HERE for a printable copy of the complete Cemetery Rules

General Rules

  • The use of a lot is for the lot holder or the lot holder’s relatives for right of burial only.  The lot holder may not resell, transfer or exchange a lot unless done so according to the rules of the cemetery.
  • All work and improvements must be approved by cemetery management.  Any work done that is not in compliance with cemetery rules will be corrected at lot owner’s expense.
  • Cars are to be parked on the road so that other cars can pass easily; with no more than two wheels off the road and onto the grass.  No vehicle to exceed 15 mph.
  • Throwing of trash on roads or any part of the cemetery is prohibited.  Trash cans are to be used for cemetery refuse only.
  • No alcoholic beverage shall be consumed or brought on the cemetery property.
  • The management may immediately remove without notice all items that in the determination of the cemetery sexton have become unsightly, overgrown with weeds, are dangerous, inappropriate, or are encroaching onto another grave.
  • Outer burial containers, grave liners or vaults shall be necessary for all interments in cemetery.
  • St. Agnes parishioners upon demonstration of need will be given one grave lot at a reduced cost.


  • The lot holder or memorial dealer must obtain permission from the management before any memorial work is done in the cemetery.  If permission is not obtained the memorial may be removed at the lot owner’s expense.
  • Footings must be purchased and installed through Hermann Funeral Home. Contact information is posted on the Parish website. (See above.)
  • All completed memorial work is subject to the approval of the cemetery and if unsatisfactory, it may be removed at the lot owner’s expense.
  • A headstone and a flushed mounted footstone are allowed per single grave lot.
  • Grave markers and/or monuments shall not be placed on lots or graves unless full remittance has been made for said lots or graves.

Grave Decorations

  • The management has the right to regulate the method of decoration of lots. Contact the sexton prior to placing any decorations not specifically outlined below.
  • Flowers need to be planted within a twelve inch space in front of the headstone. Shepherd’s hooks and votive lights are also allowed as long as they are placed safely within the twelve inches in front of the head stone.
  • Edging, flush to the ground, and soft mulch to prevent weeds is allowed if well maintained.
  • Decorations will be removed from the grave when they are damaged, soiled or do not conform to the rules of the cemetery.
  • Flags other than our national flag and recognized fraternal flags are not allowed in the cemetery.  If they become soiled or damaged they will be removed.
  • Fences, bricks, pea stone, stones, structures of wood and other perishable materials are prohibited.
  • The cemetery shall not be responsible for vases, floral pieces, markers, monuments, or any other personal property/decorations left in the cemetery.
  • Lot holders are not permitted to plant trees, shrubs, evergreens, thorn bushes or vines.
  • Annual tags for grave blankets, pillows and wreaths need to be purchased through the parish office and affixed to the decoration prior to placement at the grave.


  • Up to two cremains interments are allowed to be interred with a traditional interment on a full lot.
  • Up to four cremains interments are allowed on a full lot.
  • Up to two cremains interments are allowed on a cremains lot.

Cemetery Points of Interest
Did You Know?

  • A sexton looks after the general upkeep and needs of the cemetery.
  • Genessee Valley Vault Company sets the grave markers, opens the graves and seeds at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
  • The current cost for a cemetery lot for a registered member of the parish is $800.00 (one’s spouse is included as a “registered member of the parish” when two lots are purchased by the member), $1,600.00 for family members (parishioner’s parents, their parents-in-laws, their siblings and their spouses, their children and their spouses), $2,500.00 for all others.
  • Burial allowed per cemetery lot - One interment, or two cremains, or one cremains and one interment. Only one headstone is permitted per lot. “Catholics may be cremated so long as cremation does not demonstrate a denial of belief in the resurrection of the body” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2301)
  • St Agnes cares for two cemeteries. Mt Olivet Cemetery is at 4415 N. Cemetery Road just east of Fowlerville and the Eisele Catholic Cemetery at 2500 Bull Run Road, seven miles south of Fowlerville. Written correspondence should be mailed to the St. Agnes rectory at 855 E. Grand River, Fowlerville, MI 48836.
  • Most work at the cemeteries is voluntary. The cemetery funds pay for lawn mowing, tree removal and road upkeep. The laying of headstones and interment of bodies is paid by the individual family.
  • St Agnes’ Mt Olivet cemetery was opened in 1901. The first recorded burial was in 1883.
  • The Eisele Catholic cemetery was consecrated in 1890. The first recorded burial was in 1881.
  • Not all Catholic Parishes have cemeteries. St. Agnes has two of the 34 parish cemeteries in the Lansing Diocese. There are also five diocesan cemeteries.
  • The parish pastor or administrator has final assent on all cemetery issues. St. Agnes Cemetery Committee is comprised of volunteers who make recommendations to the parish pastor or administrator.
  • The cemetery committee completed a cemetery survey in 2010. At that time, Mt Olivet had 265 unsold grave sites and Eisele Cemetery had 382 unsold grave sites
  • The cemetery is currently funded by sale of grave sites, land rent on 3 undeveloped acres, interest from accounts and as of 10/1/10, collection of wreath and grave blanket disposal fee. Eighty five percent of the income from the lots sold can be used for cemetery upkeep (maintain road, fencing, lawn mowing, tree removal, dumpster rental etc.) The remaining fifteen percent of this money is placed in St Agnes’ cemetery perpetual care fund with the Dioceses of Lansing.
  • The cemetery committee began charging a wreath and grave blanket disposal fee to cover increasing related costs. The costs which include dumpster rental and grass reseeding that result from rodent destruction under the winter grave decorations.
  • St Agnes owns three acres of land, just west of the current cemetery, for expansion. This acreage will require road and fence placement when it is developed for cemetery use.
  • The cemetery has biannual clean up days. One day is in the spring and one day is in the fall. The actual dates are posted in the bulletin. All are welcome to participate in helping to spruce up the cemetery. Burial of the dead is a corporal work of mercy. Comforting the sorrowful and praying for the living and the dead are spiritual works of mercy. You could do three at once!