Our Christian Service Ministry Lead has compiled a list of Livingston County Agencies and Community Resources organized by type.

Click HERE to download the document.

PayingforSeniorCare.com website. Intended to help families to find the care required for their loved ones to age with comfort and dignity, and to assist their families in finding the financial resources to make it possible.

Senior Housing For Low Income Residents website. If you have low income and are worried about meeting your living expenses, this web-article can provide you with useful information about housing. It goes into detail about how you may qualify for low-income housing and how you can find an affordable home in your area.

Addiction Recovery During Higher Education website. This website outlines which substances pose the greatest risks to young adults, the potential consequences of being caught, and how to get better. If you’re a student struggling with substance abuse, you can get help even while you attend school. Keep reading to learn about how you can overcome addiction and get the help you need.

FEMA - Disaster Assistance Information - these documents contain contact information as well as information to write an appeal.

NOTE: The information cited in this document was correct at the time of printing.  But change happens.  Be sure to call and verify!