Lothamer Parish Center

St. Agnes provides various rental options. Our Lothamer Parish Center has meeting rooms, banquet facilities and gym rental. Please contact the parish office at 517-223-8684 or via email at [email protected] for more information.

Rental Prices as of October 2022

  Parishioner Non-Parishioner
Gym (3 hours) 1, 2 $300 $500
Lothamer A&B (3 hours) 1, 2 $100 $200
Gym (Wedding) 1 $500 + Joe Suminski as caterer CONTACT PARISH OFFICE
NOTE 1: Purchase of MCC Insurance at $100 in addition to rental fee is required for most rentals.
NOTE 2: Non-wedding rentals exceeding 3 hours will be charged $25 for each additional hour.