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OT 33 - November 19

Posted by Fr Nate Sokol

It seems like everywhere I look there are financial advisor businesses popping up all over.  Some are well-known companies with lots of branches and employees.  Others are individuals with the right education and expertise who simply hang a sign and start a business.  And I’m not really sure this ... Read More »

OT 31 - November 5

Posted by Fr Nate Sokol

Nearly every single one of us (at one time or another) has had to go for a job interview.  And as you know, that’s not always an easy thing to do.  It can be stressful.  We worry about how things will go --- what questions we will be asked, ... Read More »

OT 29 - October 22

Posted by Fr Nate Sokol

“Whose image is this and whose inscription?”

Well, it’s that time of year.  Football season and fall colors are on the trees and pumpkin lattes are back --- but I’m not talking about those things.  I’m talking about Halloween.  Haunted houses are in full swing.  Decorations are displayed on ... Read More »

OT 27 - October 8

Posted by Fr Nate Sokol

Is God doing his job?

Maybe you’ve never considered that question before.  But try.  Is God doing his job?

Most of us don’t like it when someone else doesn’t do their “job”.  When we work on a school project with another person we want that person to make a ... Read More »

OT 26 - October 1

Posted by Fr Nate Sokol

There are many frustrating things about flying.  Long lines at security checkpoints.  Extra fees.  All sorts of added restrictions.  Unruly passengers.  Narrow seats.  But one aspect of flying can be extra-annoying.  And although it doesn’t happen that often, when it does, you can almost hear a groan in the ... Read More »